"It’s about letting the music move your body, without your mind getting in the way."


Some of my favorite moments in life have been documented by what was on my stereo. From Whitney Houston's 'I wanna dance with somebody' to Blackalicious' entire 'Blazing Arrow' Album... MUSIC can bring you back, help you celebrate and push you forward. The best music also means something, speaks a bit of your truth and mirrors a part of your personal experience in LIFE. It's validating, hearing a complete stranger sing lyrics or even just play notes that speak to you. Not the you that tries to make sense of it all, but the you that just feels, experiences and doesn't try to conceal it. The MOVEMENT is what happens when we hear the music and accept the challenge of living. Whether it's a grand leap or a simple head nod. We are alive in that moment knowing we are powerless: to the future, the past, the unknown... But we do have the power to move through it all with grace. 

My name is Laila Tov Perez. I am a dancer, a singer, a writer, a personal trainer, a doula, a teacher, a wife, a mother ... 'Tov' (my middle name) means 'good' or more specifically 'working the way it's supposed to' in Hebrew. My goal is to impart  GOOD music, life "ah-ha moments" and movements that I come across. In hopes it adds to the quality of your time here on this earth. Contact me, ask questions and laugh whenever possible ;)