Follow-through vs Falling-through

by Laila Tov Perez

When I first launched this site my son was 5 months old. I was full, erratic, hopeful and aiming to create the community I and surely others needed. I was aiming to be a beacon... Almost 6 months later I am hmmm, slightly less erratic and still hopeful. Regarding weight-loss and fitness: I will post a then and now... The bootcamp has been a lifesaver and kept me consistent when leaving home seemed a grand feat. It has given me courage and led me into this next stage of life as Hersch verges on his first birthday. More importantly it has given me an outlet to discuss the great topics of life: adjusting, careers, motherhood, relationships, self and what it means to juggle them all and accountability.... Ooo, a word that hangs heavy, but why? Is it because we associate it with being responsible to and for others? Maybe. But what about being accountable to ourselves?



  1. (of a person, organization, or institution) required or expected to justify actions or decisions; responsible.


  2. explicable; understandable.

    What happened to this second definition?? Why are we so quick to judge others and firstly ourselves, without placing in perspective?? 


Allowing ourselves to stumble every now and then without using self-loathing as motivation to get back up. Not everyone does this. You might've had incredibly elevated parents that reared you into automatic balance and intuition. If so, STOP reading this right now, this is not for you... For the rest of us: It's an issue. For a first time parent it's ever-plaguing! A friend on FB posted, " I CAN do everything, just not all in ONE day."... What a thought, a game changer... Allowing ourselves to miss the target and simply try again. No, ' I should've', 'I always' or 'I need to's... just, 'Ok, tomorrow...'